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How should the project choose to translate a company
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In interacting external, if you have a data to need an interpreter, or it is need and the person that tell a foreign language undertake communicating, and the person beside or company in-house staff cannot be competent again, so you may need to look for firm of a translation to help you. Perhaps you still do not understand translate an industry very much, the interpreter introduces for you objectively as far as possible below industry and how to choose to translate a company.

1. interpreter is summarized
Those who translate an industry is main from personnel of course of study it is an interpreter. Interpreter but can divide roughly for primary interpreter, intermediate interpreter and advanced interpreter. It is with English for the exemple bright classification standard, english 6 class or 8 grade level, record of formal schooling of above of university undergraduate course, can do interpreter work commonly, but among them the level of great majority attributes primary level, translate the meaning with enough textual response of great physical ability namely, but the grammar with meeting constant presence or syntax mistake. Intermediate interpreter often is to be on the foundation of university undergraduate course, had been engaged in 2 years - 5 years above translates the job, the industry that translating has richer experience, relatively lucid to the interpreter's theory and practice understanding, mastered more skill, the language is applied relatively skilled. The interpret of intermediate interpreter stalks of grain basically not due and major mistake, detail respect may have a bit to be deficient in. Advanced interpreter is general it is to be in interpreter industry from course of study 10 years of above, having deeper understanding to the interpreter, industry knowledge and language knowledge are more substantial, interpreter manuscript can achieve accurate, fluent requirement. And interpret careful often is to translating an industry to having old interpreter experience, attainment of antonym character respect is deeper, still have meticulous and serious characteristic at the same time.

How does 2. choose to translate a company
The translation firm on the market is very at present much. So how to choose a right interpreter company to satisfy your requirement? Basically can judge from the following:
1) sincere letter
Sincere letter is the mainest character that a company should have. A few companies say to have hundreds of on 1000 even the dragoman of thousands of. Translate an industry in fact however the dragoman of intermediate above level is not much, especially in outside interpret. Say objectively, the interpreter is a harder work, language level is familiar and taller, professional domain and Caibingbuduo sees the person that is happy to be engaged in an interpreter working. Not the dragoman that the name registers in 1000 language database 1400 much people, but the autograph that can achieve us to ask to intermediate dragoman through the test makes an appointment with dragoman to be not worth 100 people. If will translate with primary dragoman, although classics interpret careful is revised, the quality that interpret stalks of grain also won't tall (interpret careful can be revised on manuscript foundation only, be equal to new translation otherwise) . Lack sincere letter or cannot fulfil its commitment possibly to the company with dragoman too small requirement. Some companies say foreign nationality personage goes over a manuscript or draft, we can be judged, the possibility that knows the foreign nationality expert of Chinese to do careful of translation firm interpret has how old, and the charge that foreign nationality personage goes over a manuscript or draft we also can figure come out, average interpreter price is cannot of the charge of careful of interpret of burden foreign nationality.
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