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Futures trades vocabulary of English of commonly used term
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Abandon abandons: Confirm period authority lose effectiveness
Actuals merchandise on hand (LME uses Physical generally)
Interest is covered between Arbitrage market
Assay examines analysis
Ask ask a price, call value
At-the-Money photograph equivalence is worth: Period authority honors the agreement valence and the present price when contract of futures of early days authority are identical

Back Pricing significant time fixes a price: Price of settle accounts of commonly used LME regards generator as quote fiducial, the settle accounts price that announces everyday arrives noon tomorrow effective. Call “ accepted price ” again (Pricing On The Known)
Premium of Backwardation merchandise on hand: Price of futures of prep above of price of merchandise on hand (weigh Back again) , it is to be converse market, market pouring valence
Metal of Base Metal cheap, fund belongs to: Divide the metal beyond gold, silver-colored, platinum a group of things with common features
Bar Chart bar chart
Basis base poor: Same the difference of price of kind of commodity merchandise on hand and futures price
Basis Price basic value, honor the agreement the price: Period authority trades in buyers and sellers decides, press the price that this does business. Say to knock price pattern again (Strike Price) , it is current market price normally
Bear oversell person, be expected to fall person: As antipodal as Bull
Bear Covering ends nominal place
Market of Bear Market bear, xiong Fu: The market that the price drops generally
Place of Bear Position nominal: Already sold a futures, after expectation can with inferior value average, profit exceeds to sell now with fill later the difference that receives price
Order of Best Orders optimal buying and selling (Buying/Selling “at Best” )
Bid buyer bids
Bond bond
Bottom base price: Some time paragraph the minimum price inside
Borrowing borrow (Borrowing Metal From The Market) : Goods of average near future while, sell a far futures
Break steeps fall, cruel rise, breakthrough: The price appears bigger wave motion
Broker broker goes, agent
Bull is bought empty person, bullish person: As contrary as Bear
Market of Bull Market bull, bovine city: The market that the price rises generally
Place of Bull Position bull: Already average futures, after expectation can with relatively high price sells piece, its profit is now average and the balance that sell offer later
Business Day trades day
Buying Hedge (Long Hedge) average is covered period keep a cost
Buy In fills into: Smooth storehouse, right rush or close position of a nominal
Buy On Close receives city average: Press when receiving city receive market price average
Average of reopen after a cessation of business of Buy On Opening: Average of price of reopen after a cessation of business is pressed when reopen after a cessation of business
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