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10 English sentences are translated
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To Make A Long Story Short of 1. to make a long story short.

I was immersed in 2. predicament.I’m In Hot Water.

I because.I’m In Hot Water Because Of Debts of debt get into trouble.

3. is bold try.Go For It.

Do not worry, bold try, the.Don’t Worry.Just Go For that you can learn very quicklyIt, you’ll Get It Soon.

4. is impossible.It’s Pie In The Sky then.

I think 5. not to remove him is whose.I Can’t Place His Face.

6. is very clear.It’s Black And White.

7. gives me newest message.Bring Me Up-to-date.

8. we are dissident.We Don’t See Eye To Eye.

9..I Know A Thing Or Two of my know a little about.

I just illuminate 10. the.I’m Only Following Suit that appearance does.

A: Can You Make Bread?

B: My Mother Taught Me.I’m Only Following Suit

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