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1. Imprint all ticket

Original develop appearance (former model imprints appearance, ticket trying a model) Did Proof

Stamp design Reproduced Stamp

Did not use graph Essay

Engraver imprints appearance Engraver's Proof

Prospectus ticket (appearance of appearance ticket, ticket) Specimen

Black imprint appearance Black Proof

The design imprints appearance Design Proof

Mother appearance Master Die Proof

Trial-produce imprints appearance Design Proof

The center tries imprint ticket Main Design Proof

Sculpture plan imprints appearance Engraver's Progress Proof

Plate Proof of forme appearance ticket

The gift imprints appearance Presentation Proof

Official copy imprints ticket Official Limitation Stamp

Put Magnified Proof of great seal appearance

Try impression type, build stamp Over Printed Proof

Color imprints appearance (draw a design, prospectus, try imprint ticket, imprint appearance) Proof

Try imprint imprint appearance (try machine imprint appearance, try airline ticket) Presstrial

Try color to imprint appearance (lubricious appearance) Trial Colour Proof

Approve appearance Approval Proof

2. The stamp is tasted

Taste photograph Condition

Bald tine Bald Perforation

Extremely actor tastes Excellent Item

Fold tine Folded Perforation

Actor tastes Best Item

Grow tine Long Perforation

Beautiful tastes Good Item

Short tine Short Perforation

Taste General Item commonly

Pointed tine Sharp Tooth

Bad tastes Poor Item

Make the same score tine Common Perforation

Top grade Top-grade Item

Medium Item is tasted in

Vertex damage Short Corner

Inferior Low-grade Item

Round horn Round Corner

Pattern is regular Centering Design

Back glue is in good condition Intact Gum

Design is deflective Slanting Design

Glue is brushed after Regummed

Incomplete ticket Defective Stamp

Crack glue Cracked Gum

Damaged Stamp Surface of par damage damage

Carry Yellow Stainon Gum of glue yellow spot on the back

Par blemish Stained Stamp Surface

Carry glue adhesion Stuck Gum on the back

Tear off Tear

Leakage glue Dropped Gum

Crease Crease

Uncover thin Thinned

Drape Wrinkle
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