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Design of graph of integrated circuit cloth protects byelaw
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General principles of the first chapter

Chapter I General Provisions

To protect integrated circuit cloth the graph designs patent rights the first, encourage the innovation of integrated circuit technology, the development of stimulative science and technology, enact this ordinance.

Article 1 With A View To Protecting The Exclusive Right Of Layout-design Of Integrated Circuits, encouraging The Innovation Of Integrated Circuit Technology And Boosting The Development Of Science And Technology, the Regulations Are Hereby Formulated As Follows.

This the 2nd byelaw is following the meaning of diction:

Article 2 For The Purpose Of The Regulations:

(one) integrated circuit, it is to point to semiconductor integrated circuit, it is with semiconductor material namely base piece, the two above component that will having at least is active component and part perhaps interrelate entirely circuit is compositive in base piece in or base piece over, in order to carry out the semifinished product of function of some kind of electron or end item;

(1) Integrated Circuit Means A Semi-conductor Integrated Circuit, namely A Product, in An Intermediate Form Or Its Final Form, in Which The Elements, at Least One Of Which Is An Active Element, and Two Or More Of The Interconnections Are Integrally Formed In And/or On A Piece Of Material And Which Is Intended To Perform An Electronic Function;

(2) graph of integrated circuit cloth is designed (graph of cloth of the following abbreviation is designed) , it is to point to to there are the two aboves component that one is active component and part to perhaps interrelate entirely at least in integrated circuit the three-dimensional configuration of circuit, afore-mentioned three-dimensional configuration that perhaps prepare to make integrated circuit;

(2) Layout-design Of Integrated Circuits (hereinafter Referred To As Layout-design) Means The Three-dimensional Disposition Of The Elements, at Least One Of Which Is An Active Element, and Two Or More Of The Interconnections Of An Integrated Circuit, or Such A Three-dimensional Disposition Prepared For An Integrated Circuit For Manufacture;

(3) cloth graph designs obligee, it is to point to according to the regulation of this byelaw, other perhaps to the natural person that cloth graph design enjoys patent rights, legal person organization;

(3) Holder Of Right Of Layout-design Means The Natural Person Who, or The Legal Entity Or Any Other Organisation Which, according To The Provisions Of The Regulations, enjoys The Exclusive Right In A Layout-design;

(4) duplicate, it is to point to the behavior of the integrated circuit that repeats the cloth that make to the graph is designed or contain this cloth graph to design;

(4) Reproduction Means An Act To Repetitively Produce A Layout-design Or Integrated Circuit Incorporating The Layout-design; And
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