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Han Suyin brief introduction
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Han Suyin (Han Suyin, 1917- ) , chinese and Western is mongrel, famous Ying Jihua person authoress, the Chinese problem expert with famous international. Ever was in swallow Beijing university and Belgian Brussels university to be read early or late.

1952, her autobiographical body novel " gem " sensation is caused in western world, established the position that she gets on in international the literary world. 1956, the motion picture that Hollywood changes accordingly " life and death is loved " win 3 Oscar award. Han Suyin's work is in love with Chinese depend on each other almost. She is interviewed for many times and interview Chinese country leader, write down a series of special interviews about Chinese problem and on-the-spot record work.

Since taking the place of 1980, han Suyin's work is translated to introduce home in succession, be like an autobiography " the tree that disable " , " the summer that does not have a bird " , " the flower that die of old age " , " I curtilage double door " , " second birth phoenix " , novel " green hill is green " , " when come in the morning " , " attractive city " reach a biography " the century that Zhou En comes to " , " in the morning onrush: Mao Zedong and Chinese revolution " wait.

Han Suyin is after rewarding and promote, learn, encourage culture communication, contribute money established Han Suyin's youth to translate science of award, China and foreign countries fund award, rainbow award, medium award of Yin Youyi literature and popularize English award. Award of interpreter of youth of sound of element of its Sino-South Korean is bound of our country interpreter top prize, be called to translate the “ Oscar ” of the bound.

In April 2007, limited company of transmission of culture of scene of Beijing century article is introduced, published in western world fashionable of half century " gem " (Chinese edition) , make this classical novel that writes China returned to the motherland eventually.

Han Suyin resides mulberry of Swiss the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces now, 91 years old, healthy.

The article comes from: Http://blog.sina.com.cn/hansuyin

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